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epic galleries for every pet.

Think your baby can't possibly be photographed? Think again!

A good mix of incredible patience, a sense of humour, and thinking outside the box goes a long way with these unique models.

No two shoots are ever the same - a truly special gallery, showcasing everything you adore about your best friend, with an added hint of magic.

How does it work?

Let me take care of everything!

1- DISCOVERY CALL - I ensure your perfect session can become a reality, we discuss any triggers, training, special details to capture, and answer any questions - (magic takes a bit of planning)

2- EXPERIENCE - We meet at our chosen location and have a wonderful time - I guide you through the whole session and ensure you're all having fun!

3- SMILE - It's time to reveal your images - from the comfort of your own home, let's turn those memories into something that will bring you joy every day!

Let's do it!

Pet can't be off lead? Nervous? reactive?

Enquire here and let me talk you through how I will tailor your session to create exquisite images safely and sensitively. We can always find a way to ensure your session is calm and enjoyable for all!

More answers in FAQ below!

“I loved the photos so much that I booked my parent's dogs to have a photoshoot too.

All 3 dogs have completely different personalities and Holly was attune to them all”


My pet isn't well trained /can't be off lead - can we still book?

A. Not everything is what it seems!
A lot of my pet sessions are actually on lead. All hail photoshop! (Check out my video on this page for a view into what some images really look like before & after)
Yes, it may take an extra 10-15 minutes per image to edit this out but your pets safety and comfort is always paramount!

I often hear
"they wont sit still long enough for a picture"
That's absolutely fine if they don't want to. It's my jobs to capture the images I need in a split second, and along with some sneaky tricks and the magic of editing, I've found some of the most 'untrained' pets to actually create the most beautiful portraits.

Do you travel further afield?

A. I love to explore new locations and try something different!

I am more than happy to accommodate further afield bookings for a basic travel fee. I quite often visit the North Wales area for it's beautiful locations!

How should we prepare?

A. There are a few things you might want to consider for your photoshoot.
What should I wear?
Do I need to bring anything?

Don't Panic!
I've got you covered.
Head to 'extras' in the menu to discover my post on how to prepare for a pet session.

We also discuss all of this in your consultation. I will remind you of anything you need to bring when I check in with you the day before your session.
You're always welcome to message me if you still have queries or concerns!

What happens if the weather is bad?

A. Most of my sessions are in the great outdoors, which means working with the not so great British weather.
Sessions will only go ahead if its safe and pleasant to do so, otherwise they will be re-arranged for a more suitable date.
I will check in with you the evening before your shoot regarding the forecast.
Note: I have also had very successful sessions in the rain! Beaming sunshine is not ideal lighting for the best images, so if you can only make it out during harsh light, we will head to shaded areas.

Can I get involved in the photos?

A. I love nothing more than capturing the bond between pets and owners. Pet photoshoots are particularly great if, like me, you don't feel comfortable in front of the camera but would really like some professional photographs of yourself. Showcasing the love between you and your pet is not only a distraction for you, but enhances your portraits with an emotional connection.

I particularly love combining family photoshoots with pet portraits - it's a win for everyone! You essentially get 2 types of sessions for the price of one, and if the kids get tired or need an ice cream bribe, they can have some time to just be kids whilst I switch the focus to photographing your pet.

How many pets can I bring

A. Bring them all! The more the merrier!! We may need to schedule some more time for this, and each pet will have a few less individual portraits, but I always endeavour to create at least 1 epic portrait of them together - even if it involves a few magic photoshop tricks!

How many photos will be in my gallery?

A. Quality over quantity every time! It's my job to select the best images based on what we have discussed at the consultation, and offer you a variety of incredibly high standard portraits. I always offer at least 25 images but the final gallery can vary in size and is often more.

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I take extra care of you and your pet - check out my wellbeing policy to see how I tailor sessions to ensure our photoshoot is safe and fun for everybody involved.