an incredible journey with little nippers & chunky puddings

Raising a litter of puppies is certainly not for the faint hearted! These little monkeys will steal your heart along with your slippers, but before you know it they will be off to their forever homes with a new name and their mummy-scented blanket.

If you would love to capture your precious litter, I recommend booking in as soon as possible, as 4-5 weeks old is the small time frame that they are awake enough to show their budding personalities, but not quite crazy enough to cause total chaos in the studio!

How does it work?

I have oodles of patience, but you are going to need to bring some too. I can work real magic with these sessions, and they are structured into 2 parts.

The Family Photo - I will set up a prop to fit all your puppies in, but we will take them one by one and spend time with each puppy individually until I get a perfect image of them. - Once I am happy with each pupper's picture, I take these and merge them all together to create for you a gorgeous portrait of the full family!

This takes a good while to accomplish, and a lot of skill!

Individual portraits - After the main event, usually everybody is a bit sleepy from all the commotion. This is when we allow them to settle into another prop for a gorgeous portrait of each beautiful little soul.

Most owners purchase a frame for the family photo and a print box with all the individual portraits, with a duplicate copy for the new owners, but it really is up to you as all of my sessions are a la carte pricing with plenty of options.