Urban sessions

Do you have a keen city pupper? Urban sessions can be a really unique option for those who live or work in town and whose dogs are comfortable in this environment. The buildings, structures, colours and monuments will undoubtedly inject relatable interest into your images.

Many pet photographers do not offer such locations due it it being difficult to pose the models perfectly, time it correctly and edit them with a lot of skill to ensure that all distractions are removed. You may have a few less images in your gallery as we have to be a little more selective - but quality over quantity any day!!!

I do request that your pooch has a mostly reliable 'sit & stay' command for these sessions and a 'down' is also a bonus!

These sessions are usually scheduled on an early Sunday morning when the locations are the quietest. Great spots are Deansgate/Castlefield/Spinningfields/Ancoats in Manchester. Chester & York are amazing for their old town vibes, & Liverpool's Royal Albert docks has great versatility

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