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Do you Travel?

I love to explore new locations and try something different!

I am more than happy to accommodate further afield bookings for a basic travel fee.

How long do the photos take?

Of course you're going to be excited to see your images as soon as possible!

I always strive to present your gallery as soon as possible. However to ensure your images are selected and edited to a high standard this usually takes around 2 weeks for the gallery session and products can take up to 4 weeks to arrive after ordered. If you need the images printed for a special occasion date then please discuss that with me before booking and I will always do my best.

Lot's of work goes in behind the scenes!!

How should we prepare for our session?

There are a few things you might want to consider for your photoshoot.
What should I wear?
Do I need to bring anything?
What if the kids run riot?

Don't Panic!
I've got you covered.
Head to 'extras' in the menu to discover my post on how to prepare for a pet session.

We also discuss all of this in your consultation. I will remind you of anything you need to bring when I check in with you the day before your session.
You're always welcome to drop me a message if you still have queries or concerns!

How many photos will be in my gallery?

For a standard pet or family session, I always aim to deliver 25+ images for you to choose from.
Sometimes there may be more if it has been a well varied session or if there are multiple pets & family members. I prefer to present quality over quantity so I wont show you 50 of the same pose but will use my best judgement based on what we have discussed before the session.

I'm not comfortable in front of the camera and worry I will feel awkward!

Me too!
It can be really uncomfortable being told you're having your photo taken. I have spent time learning prompts and poses to create the most natural images.

Family sessions are usually lead by you and your personalities, I try to keep you in the best light and may give you some direction but generally, it's about natural interaction.
If you're going to get involved in your pets session then they will naturally steal your attention and you will all look adorable! I will explain a few key tips to you before we start shooting, so that you can move and connect naturally and not just because I'm telling you to.

The key hint is to have fun! Stay open minded and don't take it all too seriously! My sessions always include laughter.

What happens if it's raining?

Most of my sessions are in the great outdoors, which means working with the not so great British weather.
Sessions will only go ahead if its safe and pleasant to do so, otherwise they will be re-arranged for a more suitable date.
I will check in with you the evening before your shoot regarding the forecast.
Note: I have also had very successful sessions in the rain! Beaming sunshine is not ideal lighting for the best images, so if you can only make it out during harsh light, we will head to shaded areas.

I want photos of my pet but they are not well behaved/trained.

Not everything is what it seems!
A lot of my pet sessions are actually on lead. All hail photoshop! (Check out my video at the bottom of my pets page for a view into what some images really look like before & after)
Yes, it may take extra time per image to edit this out but your pets safety and comfort is always paramount!
This applies for equine sessions also, if your horse is calm enough. we use my thin photo headcollar and I am able to remove this afterwards for a wild and free look!

I often hear
"they wont sit still long enough for a picture"
That's absolutely fine if they don't want to. But 90% of the time they do, along with the help of a collection of squeakers, some sneaky tricks and the magic of editing, I've found some of the most 'untrained' pets to actually create the most beautiful portraits.

I am also trained in K9 behaviour and first aid, and every session is tailored to your dogs comfort and abilities, so sessions are even possible with dogs that can be reactive or very anxious by ensuring that we pick a suitable time and location, and by bringing along an extra pair of hands.

I'm on a tight budget but I really want one of your sessions

I strive to create beautiful artwork of your loved ones that will be pride of place for many years to come. Practicing photography is very expensive and I have spent endless hours refining my editing skills and finding high quality products to reflect this - and not to mention the crazy cost of top end cameras & lenses fast enough to capture our babies in action!

However, I can offer monthly payments, bespoke packages or keep you updated with any upcoming mini sessions. Please join my mailing list for updates on any special offers.

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