“Creating a great experience for pets and their owners is just as much about how they feel at their session as how fabulous their images are”

Gathering information

Before our session, we will have a pre-shoot consultation where I will gather some information about your pets personality. We will discuss likes, dislikes, training abilities, injuries or health conditions, triggers, what motivates them etc. It is vital that you provide this information as it will play a key role in making a plan for the session, including what shots we can attempt to get, which locations we can use, which times of the day might be best to meet, what to bring and who else you may want to bring to the shoot. Not only if the safety and comfort of you and your pet paramount at every session, but I need to know whether we may be a risk to other members of the public also. If you fail to provide this information we may not be able to go ahead with the session.

In the unlikely event that your pet does act negatively to our surroundings, or if any unfortunate events happen which put you or your pet at risk, it will be necessary to rearrange the session for a more appropriate date or location.


Whilst you and your pet are at a session with me, I like to know that you are in safe hands. That is why I am fully trained in emergency human, and K9 first aid. I carry a first aid essential kit with me to sessions for the unlikely event of any little accidents.

I also hold a level 4 Canine behaviour certificate to ensure I can read your dogs distress signals, act appropriately with reactive and anxious dogs, and diffuse any difficult situations with your dog. I take pride in ensuring my knowledge and training is kept up to date and relevant, and installing confidence in my clients that they can still have a photo session with dogs with behavioural issues providing we are able to asses the needs of the dog and plan appropriately.

not everything is what it seems

A lot of my clients assume that their pets need to be running wild and free to capture amazing images. This is one of the most common misconceptions. around 30% of my pet models are on a lead during the entire session, and sometimes I even ask well trained dogs to be put back on a lead for extra focus. I would never ask you to put your pet in a position where they are at risk. Leads can be removed in editing, and often I have the owners stand right with their dogs and simply remove them from the shot afterwards.

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I reserve the right to stop shooting at any time should I feel that clients are putting themselves, their pets or myself in uncomfortable or dangerous positions.

I will talk you through exactly what I need you to do to help me get the best photographs, but I require owners to remain calm, positive and patient with your pet at all times. It can be frustrating for owners if pets aren't behaving as they wish, and I will always be as accommodating as possible, however should I feel that the pet is being treated unfairly by their owner then the session will be discontinued.

manchester pet photographer, reviews
manchester pet photographer, reviews