My recommended locations around Manchester & Cheshire

Location is key to creating the perfect images for your gallery, and for keeping you and your pet safe, happy and focussed.

This page is a guide to the best locations for all year amazing photos, offering opportunities for varied galleries of beautiful backdrops!

Which one will suit your needs best?

malmute bramhall park, cheshire pet photographer

Bramhall Park

Ok so I'm a little biased with this one. I grew up a few minutes walk from Bramhall Park, but I feel very lucky to have spent so much time around this gorgeous greenspace. Stunning in every season, it hosts a huge variety of photo spots, including a large woodland, landscaped gardens, streams, ponds, bridges, waterfall & the stunning Tudor hall with arched doorways. (Bonus points for dog friendly café and paths to stick to in muddy season!) You really can't go wrong here.

Things to be mindful of : busy at peak, ducks, children's playground, lots of water

Infact, I love it so much, I wrote a blog post on Bramhall Park

cockerpoo, didsbury fletcher moss, pet photographer

Fletcher Moss

This place hosts an abundance of colour in the spring and summer! Situated in Didsbury, South Manchester, Fletcher Moss boasts beautiful botanical gardens (although dogs are only allowed in one of them, you can carry smaller dogs around the main gardens for extra colour) In fact the whole park is blooming in the warmer months. A beautiful cobbled path with bedded plants, cascading cherry blossoms around April, long boardwalks, rows of heather, huge wooded areas, large open fields and the River Mersey to splash around in.

Things to be mindful of: busy at peak, bikes & runners, swampy mud patches, dog restricted areas. Squirrels/bird feeding spaces.

queens park, cavapoo butterfly pet photographer cheshire

Queens Park

A beautiful park situated in Crewe, Cheshire. A large, open green space that's well kept and lots of clean paths to stick to for those mud babies! This park hosts an adorable rockery & gardens, green leafy areas, bridges and a large pond. Beautiful sea of buttercups in late spring and some unusual plants and trees.

Things to be mindful of but avoidable - swans/geese, children at busy times.

delamere forest equine cheshire photography

Delemere Forest

A vast location, perfect in spring and summer for keeping cool beneath the trees, and brilliant for equine sessions with accessible trailer parking. The pathways create beautiful lines, the greens are a stunning backdrop and it is a great walk for those dogs who like to run a little wild and free.

alderley edge spaniel photography

Alderley Edge

One of my favourite autumn locations. this park boasts some of the most magical colours, a golden wonderland between late sept-Nov!

It can get quite boggy in the bad weather but in my opinion it is worth it! Lots of stumps and old stone walls for variation, and of course the edge for a stunning backdrop (carefully of course!) There is a lovely dog friendly cafe if you park in the NT car park for a treat afterwards!

lyme park disley french bulldog

Lyme park

Another location best appreciated in Autumn, but also lovely in spring & summer. You may need a good pair of walking boots as there is a good uphill walk into the woodland area. There are some lovely streams to splash about in during summer months in another direction also. You may need to allow a little extra time for a walk to the best spots.

Thing's to be mindful of: cattle and livestock grazing, dogs must be kept on leads in certain parts. National trust parking fee may apply

husky macclesfield forest

Macclesfield Forest

Just the perfect location if you have a pet who loves to look wild and free! Also my go to for very nervous or reactive dogs. This location is wonderfully quiet and great for those pets who are easily distracted. The long open paths mean you can see other people and dogs coming from a distance.

I've had some amazing sessions up in the forest of Macc, in every season, but especially when it's cold as it's usually the first place to have snowfall! I have a favourite section, but the forest is yours to explore! It can be quite the hike so you'll need to come with some good sturdy shoes and be prepared to clamber over logs and rocks! But up on the top, the sun setting into the forest below, is just mesmerising!

Things to be mindful of: can be windy, can be rough under foot, occasional mountain bikers.

husky vernon park stockport pet photographer

Vernon Park

A fabulous hybrid park combining urban style green space with the wooded area further up in Woodbank Park. Loads of benches, structures, steps and rockery to pose on, lovely flowers and colours in warmer months.

Things to be mindful of: VERY steep hill and steps (non- avoidable) , busy at peak, running/exercise clubs regularly take place (avoidable)

cokerlier deansgate, manchester pet photographer, puppy

City Centre

I LOVE an urban shoot. Manchester city centre has so many exciting spots that may be very meaningful to those who live or work in the city. Although it can be busy, if we meet at the right time, the following locations can work brilliantly:

Ancoats, Spinningfields, Castlefield

Thing's to be mindful of: lots of people, busy roads, ducks (castlefield)

german shepherd snake pass peak district

Snake Pass, peak district

Another great location for nervous or reactive dogs, this location is particularly quiet and vast. There are some gorgeous forest greens, a lovely stream to paddle along and if you are happy to climb the steep hill, a breath-taking view from the top (optional!)

daisy nook country park

Daisy Nook country park

Fantastic in summer & autumn for dogs and also horses, this park hosts an abundance of variety for gorgeous shots. With some unusual structures and steps, long winding pathways and a lovely lake. This can be a popular walking spot but perfect at quieter times.

Be mindful of: ducks

Rivington Pike

A unique location with a good walk to the best bits! The gardens here host unusual ruins, archways and structures which will certainly create something different to the norm! Be aware that there are lots of steps and climbs involved in this walk.

fluffy frenchie, chorlton, manchester pet photographer

Alexandra Park, Chorlton

Another awesome hybrid park, super close to the city and yet beautifully suburban. Full of leafy, shaded grassland, an abundance of logs for posing on, a circular path for avoiding mucky areas during mud season, and a unique, paved stretch with well kept plants and structures.

Things to be mindful of : busy at peak, runners/bikes/children.

manchester pet photographer, cheshire, wythenshaw park

Marbury country park, Northwich

Well known for it's beautiful row of trees in the centre of the park. We also discovered beautiful woodland, a stunning walk around the lake and some unusual structures.

Things to be mindful of: Lots of water! Although we can shoot away from the lake if your dog is into dock diving! Very muddy in wet weather.

manchester pet photographer, spaniel, cute puppy

Have your own location in mind?

That's absolutely fine!! I will arrive early and find the best spots to stop at. Please bear in mind that your own chosen location may have limited variations but if those images are in a meaningful place to you then your gallery will still be full of love and perfect memories.