When you are with your pet, nothing else matters, they just have that way with us, and my goodness it is beautiful!

Many of us aren't keen on being in front of the camera, and the idea of booking a photographer to take images of us makes us feel vain and awkward, unless it's for a big event like weddings.

But what if it wasn't like that. What if you just had a lovely experience outside with your furbaby, and beautiful images came from the love that you share. From the smiles and the kisses, the cuddles and the admiration.

(Note: This doesn't have to be a separate session, I usually convince you to jump in few images on a regular pet session, but it's nice to be prepared!)

My pet & me sessions

Do your children have an inseparable bond with your family pet?

My pet & me sessions celebrate their relationship in one beautiful session with memories that will be treasured by yourself and your children for the rest of their lives. Your first pet is your true first love, they will always be the ONE.